Same Store, New Home

After over fifty years at its Mountain Brook Village location, Little Hardware is moving just a bit down the road to a wonderful new building situated among the shops at English Village.
newbuilding3We’ll surely miss our remaining friends in Mountain Brook Village, but we’re glad to know—and perhaps you will be, too—that our new home will only be about 4,000 feet from our old location. In the time it takes to get from one side of Mountain Brook Village to the other, you can be down the road and in the store.
newbuilding2And you can expect that everything great about Little Hardware will stay the same: an incredible selection, competitive prices, and the absolute best customer service in Birmingham. Parking at the store will be just as easy—and access will be even easier.
newbuilding4The new location was formerly home of Park Lane Grocery, Arman’s Resturant, and most recently Kathy G at Park Lane. This building offers a great place for LH to continue providing our customers the same products and services that we currenty do. The move should take place this fall after some remodeling and construction of a storage building behind the existing building.
Construction is under way and our landlord plans to have the building ready by October 15th. Then LH wil begin the process of setting up our new store and moving. The plan is to be open by the end of the month. We sure hope for a smooth transition, and we thank you for your continued support.